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Covid-19 Update

Airport Bus Dandenong Safety Measures:

  • As we always strive to provide safe and reliable transportation for our passengers, our team has increased our cleaning of all buses to provide a high standard of care and hygiene.
  • Our drivers will keep ventilation within the bus by opening windows and refraining from using the air conditioning.
  • We are also abiding by the 1.5m social distancing recommendation, ensuring there is enough space in our buses for people to maintain this distance between other passengers.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, breathing difficulties, cough or sore throat, and have recently returned from overseas or come into contact with someone with a confirmed case of Covid-19, separate yourself from others and call the dedicated Victorian Department of Human Health and Services Covid-19 Hotline on 1800 675 398.
  • We understand that some passengers may not feel comfortable/may not be well enough travelling on our buses and would like to cancel or reschedule their bookings. If this is the case, please contact our office on (03) 9782 6766 and we will provide you with a credit note worth the full amount you paid.

Changes to Our Booking Operations:

  • Update 31st Mar, 2020: **Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting bookings until further notice** For enquiries related to private charter for 3 or more people, please contact (03) 9782 6766 or email bookings@airportbusdandenong.com.au.

  • We are reducing the number of shuttles going up to the Airport each day. This is due to passenger shortages associated with flight cancellations and changes as a result of Covid-19.
  • All passengers are required to book their seat and pre-pay.
  • These prepayments are non-refundable in the event of cancellation and will be instead issued as a credit note, worth the full amount paid, and valid for 12 months after the date of cancellation.
  • If you have not made a booking, please call the office on (03) 9782 6766 to make sure that the shuttle bus you require is running.
  • Airport Bus Dandenong will be running as many services as possible, as per the bookings made by its passengers. Therefore, it is unlikely that existing passengers with pre-paid bookings will be affected.
  • Due to changes in the number of shuttle buses running each day, however, please note that some passengers with existing bookings may be called to reschedule to an earlier or later bus. If the reschedule does not suit the passenger's needs, then we will be offering full refunds to the passenger.
  • We ask all who make bookings with us to be flexible in the event of changes.

We appreciate your understanding and apologise for any inconveniences caused.

Any questions relating to our operations during this period with Covid-19, please do not hesitate to contact the office on (03) 9782 6766.